Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Mishima Exhibition

Wohoo, finally the posters I made for an exhibition about japanese author Mishima Yukio are finished. 
.Right now they are hanging on the walls of the beautiful Tenri-Gallery in Cologne. So, if you come to be in town, pay a visit if you like!
This was fun, but hard work, for I drew them in size A1...

More stuff and comicpages

...haha, well, don´t even try to understand the comic-pages. They are read the japanese way round AND they are in german AND they don´t make sense in the first place! But I think this should be enough. From now on, there will only be new stuff postet!

New Friends

...these pics are part of a new idea that I have. Actually, this blog is supposed to concentrate on my work with these new characters...there is a new world to explore!

I should draw fanart again Ö__Ö has been a while ever since I drew any fanart (...actually it´s been years...;__;) Although it was always fun. Well, maybe I need something new to worship.

First Post!

Alright then... my first post with some random stuff. Hopefully I will update my brand new blog on a regular basis! many cool people to go and stalk for me... O__O